Special Education


Special education is specially designed instruction, support, and service provided to students with an identifying disability requiring an individually designed instructional program. Special educators work with children and youth who have a variety of disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, slow learners, ADHD, speech and language impairment, emotional disturbance, traumatic brain injury and other health impairments.

Special educators also provide remedial programs for students who are struggling with one subject area like reading, writing or mathematics. Remedial programs are designed to help give the students the individual attention that they need to build their skills and their confidence so that they can live up to their potential.

Special education may be best described as a purposeful intervention designed to overcome or eliminate the obstacles that keep children with disabilities from learning. In other words, it is about providing children with disabilities with individualized plans of instruction to help them succeed.

There are three specific types of special education interventions:

Preventive Interventions: Preventive interventions are designed to prevent potential or existing problems from becoming a disability. Special education in this form seeks to either stop something from happening or reduce a condition that has been identified.

Remedial Interventions: Remedial interventions are designed to eliminate the effects of a disability. They are generally used to teach children with disabilities skills that allow them to function successfully and independently. They may be aimed at academic, social, personal, and/or vocational goals.

Compensatory Interventions: Compensatory interventions involve teaching special skills or using special devices to improve functioning. Compensatory intervention may be best identified as teaching achild to perform a task or conquer a skill in spite of a disability. It involves providing children with disabilities an asset that non-disabled children do not need.